What would you ask your competitor if you had him in front of you? Why didn’t you enjoy that Jeff Bezos himself sent you an email? How to stay afloat in the midst of a civil war? The most difficult questions Juan Manuel Fernández C. dared to ask CEOs of powerful corporations are compiled in this collection.

«Juan Manuel listened and learned in these years of professional life. He heard from the CEOs of the most important companies in the region, an opportunity that his profession gave him, and he took lessons that I am sure are not only of important journalistic content, but also part of his training as a professional».

Marcelo Burman, Foreword book author and CEO and Founder, Connect B2B

I study storytelling based on results: audience analytics + classic and craft narrative

I am a story hunter. I interviewed a Nobel. I watched Casablanca when I was 12. I wrote a play that made an audience cry. I rejected a scholarship for a better school. I memorized the capital cities of 200 countries and 81 municipal governments.. I talked about God at a table with a Jew, a Buddhist and a Muslim. I restarted my career from scratch in another country. I saw my grandmother being applauded for her poetry. I gave a class to 14 classmates from my grade in my room. I signed articles for media from three countries. I visited the Swiss Lausanne by accident. I carried a baby llama. I almost got left off a transatlantic flight. I worked nights on a pandemic curfew. I embraced Toltec wisdom. I wrote a book in two languages. I interviewed a billionaire who inspired an Oscar movie. I write the memoirs of my parents. I have won 4 journalism awards.

¡Let’s talk about business storytelling in Latin America!


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